Mention in critic’s blog for Gasparilla!

Steve Persall, the lead film critic for the St. Petersburg Times in Tampa, Florida had these kind words to say (including “delightful”) about Loose Ends:

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Connecting indies to community – February 2008

This has been quite the pleasantly hectic month for the indie film world I’ve been cultivating and I have a bunch of exciting news to share:

Absolutely Safe had a theatrical premiere at the Museum of Fine Arts on January 27th & January 31st. It was also mentioned in the New York Times January 17th in an article about breast implants.

Freedom Machines will be playing at the Peak Parent Conference in Colorado tomorrow — February 15th, and presented by a wonderful self-advocating mother and son. You can look up the conference by going to, and you can see more about the film by going to

Body & Soul is playing at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival on February 18th. Also, Alice’s previous film, The Collector of Bedford Street was included in an article in The Jewish Week News about films that deal with disability inclusion. You can read about Alice’s films at The article can be found here:

Vito After received a very positive review from Educational Media Reviews Online: You can read more about the film by going to

In Good Conscience will be showing at the Rainbow Center of the University of Connecticut at Storrs on February 26. Filmmaker Barbara Rick will be there for a Q&A. Her film will also be playing as part of the Blue Wave Film Festival on March 16 in Montclair , New Jersey .

On a personal note, my short film Loose Ends has been programmed into 3 different film events in the month of March and I’ll be going to all of them! It will be playing at the Gasparilla Film Festival – in Tampa, Florida on March 1, which is very exciting as I have family down there. My grandmother gets to see my name on a real film screen! Then it shows (but they don’t have times up yet) at the Kent Film Festival –, followed by a screening with a Q&A at the Emerging Filmmakers Series at the Little Theatre in Rochester, New York on March 31.

In an exciting experiment, the filmmaker collaborative New Day Films has decided to attempt streaming their films for 14-day trials on a new website – This is a test, and depending on the response, the catalog for it could grow.

Doing it for yourself!

As for an article, I’m happy to say that Peter Broderick (whom I do not know and who does not realize I am doing this but hopefully wouldn’t mind) wrote an article for Nov/Dec issue Documentary magazine that reflects how I’ve felt since beginning to work with independent filmmakers individually – that it is possible to get your film out on your own to people who care to see it. You can read his cheerleading article by going to:

Thanks, folks, and be sure to spread this around to anyone of interest!