Connecting indies to community – May 2010

News First!

Vito After has been added to the library of the USS New York, the battleship forged with steel from the World Trade Center. Check it out at

Diana Braun from Body & Soul: Diana & Kathy is going to be the keynote speaker of the 2010 Texas Advocates Peer to Peer Project in Corpus Christi on August 7! The conference is also bringing filmmaker Alice Elliott out as well. Check out for more information. Diana and Alice are also going to the AAIDD conference in June in Rhode Island as Diana is part of a presentation on setting up an independent living environment.

New group of films I’m helping – – a diverse group of both fiction and non-fiction films that hail from China but are banned there! Check them out!

I will definitely be attending American Library Association in Washington DC at the end of June so please let me know if we can meet while there and any cool meetings you suggest showing up to.

Opinions Worth Sharing

Recently, one of my brilliant, supportive librarian friends explained his purchasing process for films for his university and, as I’m always answering questions from filmmakers about how their films get used in secondary settings, I think it’s invaluable insight. Thank you, Tom @ UNLV for allowing me to send your thoughts out into the world…

“…most of us who find ourselves working in media libraries are quite passionate about film and, in an ideal world, would love to spend our money with independent filmmakers. Unfortunately, we all have limited budgets to work within and these days many of our budgets are shrinking at an alarming rate. And in many libraries, the media collection does not get the type of budget and attention it deserves to begin with.

Without the option of buying the home version, my decision goes from buying the institutional version or the home version to buying the institutional version or not buying it at all. And with my budget as it is, I’m doing a lot of not buying of things I would love to have in my collection. I don’t like it because their content is still as great as ever, but I just don’t have the money and our collection suffers because of it. Difficult decisions indeed.

I would love to be in a position to be more financially supportive. MY moral objective is to provide the best media collection for our patrons given the limitations of my budget. If that means I have to sacrifice one good $250 documentary to purchase ten good $25 documentaries that will support more students, then I have to go with the later.”

Rachel’s Films

I started a fundraising page for Full Body Centric – please visit and, even if you can’t donate, please pass the information to people you know who are interested in health issues as I’m building a mailing list of like minded people:

You can use your account for this website. The way it works is that if I make the goal I set for myself – $3000 – by the deadline of June 15, that fund will be released to me, which will assist me shooting at the various places I’m scheduled to go. If I do not collect that amount by the deadline, nobody actually gets charged for any money they’ve pledged.

Secondarily, if you’d like to make a contribution using PayPal instead, you can do so with a link to the “work-in-progress” page I’ve created for the film at my website by going to:

There are buttons set up for donating either way…

When I go to Arizona for the American College of Homeopathy (May 22-26!) I will also be taping Dr. Iris Bell, who researches the “proving” of remedies, very excited!

I will also be taping at Homeopathy Works, a manufacturer of homeopathic remedies, on June 29!

You can also now buy copies of my previous films! A shopping cart function has finally been added!

Lastly, and the most fascinating to me, is this article about video software possibly conflicting with licensing agreements:

Thanks very much for your support of independent films…and if you have an “opinion worth sharing” I’d love to hear it as well.


Connecting indies to community – April 2010

Welcome to the improved! Please be sure to write with any useful feedback!

I’ve confirmed shooting dates for the introductory documentary to homeopathy I’ve been working on for the past year – currently titled Full Body Centric – going to be at the American College of Homeopathy in Phoenix May 22-26!

New Projects!

I’m working with a new film! Focusing on life story and background of Louisa May Alcott, and having aired on PBS’ American Masters, Louisa May Alcott: The Woman Behind Little Women explores her adventures as well as the rich cultural context in which she created literature both childlike and dark. You can find out more about the film by going to


ALA??? Though not confirmed yet, I will most likely be attending the annual American Library Association conference in DC in June so please let me know if we can connect there! received a really wonderful mention in The Ebert Club’s recent newsletter! I’m not a member, but perhaps you are and will be able to appreciate the write-up.

Diana Braun will be speaking with Body & Soul: Diana & Kathy at the AAIDD conference (American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) June 9-11 in Rhode Island. This panel discussion will also include Dr. Valerie Karr of the Victor Pineda Foundation and Dr. Hank Bersani and will be focusing on the specifics of how Diana set up and maintained her independent lifestyle with Kathy. Diana also just participated in the Disability Policy Seminar sponsored by the Association of University Centers on Disability in Washington DC.

Body & Soul also screened at the PacRim Conference on Disabilities in Hawaii on April 13.

And a new way to use film – Body & Soul: Diana & Kathy is being used by the College of Direct Support to train direct care service providers. A curriculum was developed by CDS based on the film and it just launched this month! It was presented with ANCOR and with Pennsylvania Providers Conference. More information can be found at

Thanks much for your support and innovation in using independent films in your community. Stay tuned for a link to for Full Body Centric as well as purchasing links to my previous films.